2007-08-29 12:35:17
They must be good my neighbor is on his third one. First one had a big rust problem. Second had cracked welds. Third one seems ok. But it's only a year old.

2007-03-31 05:50:59
The round firebox is actualy the best. It has less welds that could fail and it burns better. My father has had a woodmaster for 12 years without a problem. The one bad thing about the woodmaster is the door draft or fan. This makes the fire in the front of the stove hotter which makes the door hotter.

2006-07-26 07:06:11

2006-06-03 04:34:07
Hey 2006-03-17, because you have no personal experience with this unit you can not possibly rate it so just shut up

2006-03-17 17:05:51
I have no personal experience with this unit, but based on the web site drawings, it shares the poor combustion design of most outdoor boilers. The round firebox design makes this unit harder to modify for a clean burn. Give it a miss

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