2009-06-16 21:27:48
best boiler for the money asme stamped. Heats my house very well.
2008-01-14 18:54:10
I do not own a Royal E3300-E3400 gasification. Close in some aspect is the Wooddocter converter that I own, so some of my thoughts on the Royal's gasification units.

First off if you buy and do not have a large enough load for the E series you will creasote the exchangers and lose thermal transfer to the water.
The WD converter is easy to clean, the E series your in trouble - SIZING IS CRITICAL!!
The Royal looks like they preheat the primary air, but not 100% sure, WD Converter does also.
The Royal has much more passages and hence more
brick to keep hot for the gasification process to happen, again sizing is everything.
I like Royal's design better for the downdraft routing and the passages it takes to/enroute to the exchangers excellent use of space.
But I'm not convinced pressurizing the firebox is superior vs drawning from under the firebox with a stackblowner as in WD converter case. If air speed is important as the hot air moves through the machine, then one is better than the other, which is best??
Lastly controls are important and Royal does not promote amazing controls so much like WD slightly disappointing for $10k plus
Does it shut down on its own when all the wood fuel is spent??
Excellent gasification Units.

2006-03-17 17:48:28
I do not own one of these, so I have no practical experience. However this site does have a pdf catalog that can be downloaded that shows details, including btu/hr output of the boilers.

They are one of very few manufacturers that offer ASME approved pressurized boilers, as well as the less expensive non pressurized types. However, most of the boilers have no firebrick or refractory material at all, and the few that do only have it at the bottom of the firebox, not nearly enough to insure hot, complete combustion.

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