Again in this example we see Dual PEX-Flex is being used. As the pipe enters the building it is stripped to expose the hot and cold lines. Note: blow into the lines before attaching them to the boiler, with someone at the other end. By marking which line is which, you can keep track of which is the hot line, and which the cold.
You will need to choose a suitable location to mount your pump; here floor joists were chosen.
2x4's are screwed to the floor joists and the pump has been wired to the 2x4ís. Itís not pretty but it works. Note the sequence - pump, flange, iron fitting, Kitec fitting, pipe, on each side. Also, you can see a length of steel pipe has been incorporated to provide an attach point for the wire hangers
Note: flanges are connected to the pump by two bolts, and there is an O-ring seal sandwiched between the flange and the pump.
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