2007-09-27 11:52:11
I have a PW 1, had to buy a new water sight tube 25 cents. No computer to go bad. I wonder way some brands have them? Can't be happier with mine. With high fuel prices mine will be paid for soon. Best value for your money by far.

2007-09-19 16:15:20
I bought a number 2 last year. And used half the wood my neighbor did with his central boiler(no power draft). Very happy with it, stainless is the best. It burns so hot you hardly get any ash. So grates are a waste of money. Eastern Iowa

2007-08-29 12:12:40
I have great dealer here. Pacific Western is the best. After shopping around I laugh when I think what other people payed for the brands. Ross Breeden is always on the spot to help with any problem. He even loaned a pump to a guy with another brand. I have (sold) 2 neighbors on Pacific Western also. Very happy in Maquoketa Iowa

2007-06-15 13:35:08
sell them currently. Great Service, Stand behind the products. Excellent stoves. Have sold many different units in the past and I am now happy I sell Pacific Western.

2007-04-13 04:19:05
Look closely at the warranty on this stove. It does not cover anything. we were a dealer but had to switch brands because they wouldnt stand behind there furnace.

2006-10-02 05:59:56
It is a strong unit. Had mine for a long time, waiting for it to die. Don't think it will though. It has seen more winters then an eskimo.

2006-09-09 16:53:32
so-so -- nothing new here.

2006-08-08 11:59:02
No Complaints with my Pacific at all. Still running after 7 years. Thats all I can ask for.

2006-07-28 04:47:03
I own a Johnson witch a great stove,my friend owns a Pacific Western witch is also a great stove. If I couldnt buy a Johnson I'd buy a Pacific.

2006-07-26 07:04:06
Not a Typical Outdoor Furnace at all. I have had mine for 13 years and still holding on strong. Never an issue. It also Barely Smokes. We Love it and so do the 4 people close by that have them. Excellent Product.

2006-07-20 09:17:38
Great Outdoor Furnace. Very well priced and top quality. bought mine three years ago and is saving me a fortune. Heats my house, shop, greenhouse, pool and domestic hot water. Doesn't smoke like my neighbors outdoor furnace. I believe Pacific Western has the best unit around.

2006-07-19 12:47:42
I have a Pacific Western, My Dad has a Pacific Western and we will always buy Pacific Western. Very Efficent and does not smoke like all of the rest. Built tough for the winters in Canada. I have had mine for 10 years and my father has had his for 15 years. Love them Pacific is A great Choice

2006-06-03 04:16:42
If you dont't own it and have never used it, than you know nothing about it,And could not possibly review it. So you should just shut up.

2006-03-17 17:12:16
I do not own this unit, but based on the web site the Pacific Western appears to be a typical outdoor boiler design with a round firebox. The combustion is poor and this unit would be hard to modify. Keep looking.

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