2007-12-10 22:26:44
I have a Mahoning 200 model. I have a 5 year old home that is 2900 sq ft and I have not used any fuel oil for 2+ years. I live in North Central PA and we do get very cold @ times. The unit does not smoke excessively and it rarely needs ashes cleaned out, maybe 4 or 5 times per year, and it fills a large metal trash can when you do clean it out. For my home, location, fuel type (free, deadfall, mostly hardwoods) lowest price, and great local installer, I could not be happier. I fill the stove twice a day on average, and it requires little upkeep.

2006-03-17 17:28:41
I do not own one of these units. However, I'm giving the site a slightly higher rating, because it does list a btu/hr output, unlike other sites that say "heats xxxx square feet, which is meaningless. To properly size a heating system, one needs to know how much insulation is in a building and what climate zone it is in, as well as the size of the building. Only after knowing all these factors, can one determine how many btu/hr are required to heat the building.

These outdoor boilers are unusual in that there is a seperate ash door, however, without an internal diagram or photo, I have no idea how well this product actually works.

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