2007-01-28 08:19:33
Mine is 4 years old burns clean and uses less wood

2006-07-28 04:19:19
Just like they say,"Best stove ever bar none". I love this furnace, great heat and very little smoke.I would recomend it to anyone.

2006-06-17 11:20:36
Just got one after a year and a half of research. I'v talked to owners of about seven other brands of furnace and took the time to see them working , and I decided that the Johnson was by far the best one for my needs.I would also like to add that I didnt find anyone who was not happy with the furnace that they owned no matter what brand. Everybody that I met loved their stoves and clamed huge savings on heating bills.I could not be more satisfied with my stove

2006-03-09 11:55:34
Havent tried this stove, has anyone else ever tried it

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