Without getting into too much detail letís go through the various steps required to install an outdoor wood boiler system in a typical application, heating via a radiator installed in a plenum above an existing electric furnace. There is nothing in this process that the average handyman canít handle, however, there may be a few things you come across that you may not be confident in doing.

As mentioned elsewhere, a knowledgeable contact at a plumberís supply store can be an invaluable help and remember; to someone who deals with professional plumbers all day, what you are doing is meat and potatoes. First time you go to buy your fittings, pipe and pump, go armed with the checklist we will provide at the end of this section and it should help minimize the number of return trips youíll need to make!

Many boiler manufacturers and their distributors also sell fittings as well as heat exchangers and pumps. It is always worth checking there first, since buying from a knowledgeable manufacturer or distributor can prove an invaluable aid to reducing your uncertainty and ensuring you receive advice and guidance from the most knowledgeable source.

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