2009-10-01 09:25:34
the service that i had form the deeler suck i had to do every this my self he was soposl to set every thing up for me but never do he gave me picture to look at and said have fun that maybe why he not the deeler anymore can't get no part for it look on the web page no part for you got to run all over the place to find some what kind of service is that

2009-09-26 13:45:26
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2009-08-10 00:07:04
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2008-11-30 10:06:34
I have owned a Heatmor 400 for two and a half years. My experience also is constant repair on items not covered by warranty. First my door did not seal properly. They gave me one from a stove that had to be replaced entirely and it also did not seal properly. They put on a new seal. Still not a solution. After many months and much haggling I got a new door, just in time for an aquastat to go bad, then a relay and most recently the back blower went out. Also, my wood is not free and at about $125 a cord I'm spending around $500 a month.

2008-11-17 18:48:37
sorry heatmor sucks I have had mine for 4yrs now and one problem after another I should have gone with one of the higher end companys that might have actually done something for the customer. If you want to keep forking out money because the parts that keep going are ones that don't fall in their warrenty then get one.

2007-01-17 13:24:12
I installed a model 200 in December of 05 and love it. You can not put a price of no flame in the house. My brother and a friend have now installed 200's and they love them. I will be installing a 200 for another friend next month.

2006-11-19 17:53:03
We purchased a Heatmor 200c this past summer. Now installed, it truly is amazing. We were very worried about smoke, having seen a number of other makes in operation, bu this unit's firebrick-lined furnace that completely air tight really burns all types of wood completely -- with almost no visible plume. Stack opacity is consistently zero -- except during the first 30 seconds after the blower cycles on -- and then opacity is rarely more than a 20 rating - based on Method 9 Opacity viewing.

I am very satisfied with the unit.

I will state that the overall price - including installation costs - was considerably higher than we had planned.

2006-06-03 04:26:30
Hey 2006-04-20 once again you just show how stupid you really are

2006-04-20 06:55:30
I do not own this unit, but based on the website information, this unit has some chance of giving a clean burn since the firebox is lined with firebrick.

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