2009-05-17 13:55:06
On the advice of our designer we purchased the Greenwood 100 wood furnace as being "efficient". The EPA approval sounded great. Now after spending $8500 for the furnace and probably almost twice that in plumbing costs, we feel very misled!! If you think it's efficient to have to load the furnace every 3 hours when it's cold (and we live in mid-hudson NY- Not alaska), and if you think it's efficient to burn 4 times the amount of wood you'd normally use, and if you think it's efficient to have to put the thermostat up to 90 in order that the boiler doesn't blow up in more mild weather and have to leave the windows open not to faint, then maybe you'll like it. We're going to have to get another furnace before next winter as it never got our main living area above 64 when it was really cold. Supposedly if you have a hot tub or swimming pool to heat to use as a "heat dump" it works better; but if you just have a regular home, forget it!!!

2009-02-17 20:20:11
I have never been more disappointed in a product. I have been nothing but patient with this thing and it has let me down from the beginning. No smoke,are you kidding me. Take a look at my new shingles and chimney and tell me that it doesn't smoke or make creosote,please. My draft has been tested and it was about .05" which is what is recommended,yet I still had to put in a $200 draft inducer. I'm really looking forward to tearing this peace of crap apart this spring to do the yearly cleanout that I wasn't made aware of when purchasing. I witnessed one being taken apart and when the side pannel came off it was all bent from prying it off. When off there were no pipes,they were covered with creosote. Mine is in my garage so it's not as bad,but before buying know that for the first month my furnace leaked out a black oily substance all over the place,even all over the best part of the furnace,the John Deere green paint. Sometimes while in the garage the furnace will make a loud sucking noise and then it will blow and the garage will fill up with smoke,not to mention the worry it causes me,especially after the chimney fire. Try waking up to a smoke alarm going off,and realizing that your chimney has a fire in it and you can't control what happens. The best part about it is that in three months I have burned four cord of wood. Now I am being told that it isn't burning properly and if it was I could expect to burn around nine! I was informed when I purchased it that for my house four to five cord would be plenty,yet another lie to suck me in. I have been very patient keeping in touch with the salesman that sold it to me. Each time there is another stone that he wants me to turn and I am fed up with it. Even my girlfriend has come to the point where she is giving up. It's pretty bad when you have to think about selling your house to wash your hands of such a costly ($13,000+) mistake beccause no one will make it right.

2008-10-10 23:46:21
I'm in Fairbanks Alaska. I recently installed a Greenwood 100 in my garage. I've had the draft tested, stack temperature tested and so I know it is operating within recommended parameters. My chimney does a 90 to the right and out the side wall and then does another 90 into the vertical position. Initially I had 18 feet of vertical chimney but had trouble getting a draft with a cold start. So I installed a Volko draft inducer. This worked adequately for a cold start. I only use the draft inducer to do a cold start or when I'm loading wood. Otherwise the draft inducer is turned off. Draft was marginal--about .5 but temperature was spot on at 350 f. So I added four feet of chimney and brought the draft up to .6 but the chimney temperature was 425 F. and it seemed it was going through wood faster than I liked. So I took two feet off. I haven't measured draft or stack temperature at this setting. I must admit my wood is extremely dry and some of it is of rather small diameter. With wood that is larger and not as dry the stack temperature will probably be around 350. Some of the other negative reviews obviously did not have their boilers correctly installed and fine tuned. Or they are using wood that is not at all seasoned. Or they are operating their boiler when there is little demand placed on the boiler to supply heat. The only thing I can complain about is that you do get smoke out the door when you want to load it with wood. But this can be easily minimized if you wait until the fire has burned down and the boiler temperature is 160 or below. Then you can easily load wood without getting a lot of smoke. You do have to load it quickly because you will soon have smoke as the wood ignites. My draft inducer does help a bit in reducing smoke out the door to some extent but not fully. The only other complaint I have is that the seal on the door came off the first week. It seems the adhesive couldn't take the heat. Greenwood sent me a new seal free of charge with instructions to use RTV high temperature red silicone to attach it. The door fits real close so it seems the seal is barely necessary. I haven't gotten around to putting it on. Winter here in Fairbanks, Alaska hasn't really started as the temps are not consistently below freezing. At the moment we are having a warm spell so I let the fire die out today as it is hardly worth it to burn wood with such little demand for heat. I'll do another review in a couple months after it has proven itself in really cold weather.

2008-10-09 19:12:01
they don't work! Can't get them to draft properly, ooze goo onto the floor, smoke rolls out the door while reloading, and opens the heat dump after every cycle(wasting energy). Not a true gasification boiler!!!!

2008-08-04 12:32:10

Last Fall (October 2007), we purchased and installed a Greenwood Model 100 indoor wood-fired hydronic furnace. It has been a terrible experience. So terrible in fact, that we’ve created a website to warn others about the problems they can expect from a Greenwood Furnace. Here’s our story:

We wanted to burn wood for heat not because we were interested in saving money, but because we wanted to be “carbon neutral” and reduce or eliminate fossil fuel dependence.

Before purchasing a wood fired furnace, we did extensive research into a wide selection of indoor wood-fired hydronic furnaces: Wood Doctor, Tarm, Eko, Garn, Alternate Heating Systems, Greenwood and many more. We spoke with many manufacturers and dealers and traveled great distances to inspect actual units and, whenever possible, see them in operation. We did our homework!

We finally chose the Greenwood Model 100 because Greenwood claimed--on their website, in their brochure, and through the mouths of their sales people--that “it is safe to operate, burns smoke and creosote free…” and is “…as safe to operate as a home water heater.”

Don’t believe it. It is not so.

Our Greenwood furnace has caused us major smoke and creosote problems. The neighbors have complained bitterly about the smoke and the town has issued us a cease and desist order. Greenwood Furnaces, Inc. has been uncooperative. We sincerely wish to “go green,” but with an unusable wood-fired furnace and no resolution assistance from the company that sold it to us, we may be forced to return to oil heat this coming winter.

2007-12-10 07:12:20
We have been using a Greenwood for over a year. It's true!!! 98% of the time it is totally smoke free! Other times it's just a little smoke during "transitional" times like loading, icy wood, etc. (which are to be expected) Very efficient! Uses only a cord of wood a month/average! It's nice not having to split wood. Bullet-proof product. Well built. Just a few moving parts. Low maintenance. Clean out only once a month. Great support from the Greenwood team! Highly recommend the unit and company!!!

2007-11-07 17:08:31
Last year I saved $1,500 on my heating bills. I like that I can load my boiler in my stockings.

2007-10-31 08:42:48
I actually shut off my gas when I turned my Greenwood on. I didn’t use gas at all during the winter months.

2007-10-24 14:09:42
My oil bills have dropped from $3,300 to $550. My family loves our Greenwood. It provides all the
warmth, without a lot of bother.

2007-10-08 15:48:26
I love my Greenwood, the customer service has been superb and everything has been engineered so well and simple

2007-10-05 08:59:51
I like that I don’t have to split the wood, my Greenwood has a long burn time and I like that it keeps the house warm.

2007-10-04 09:15:27
One of my neighbors has a water jacketed boiler, my other neighbor lives a quarter mile away and has asthma and definitely notices my neighbor that uses the water jacketed boiler. He is particularly sensitive to the issue of smoke and has no awareness of my Greenwood at all. The smoke is not a problem for me or my neighbor, which I am quite pleased about

2007-10-03 22:40:32
I easily save 50% of the wood compared to my old outdoor wood boiler. I used to use 14 cord of wood, now I’m using 6-7 cord with the Greenwood.

2007-10-03 12:01:43
Last year I saved $1,500, I have two boys that are 10 and 13 and they absolutely love it, my wife has no problem loading it and keeping it going, if I’m out of town.

2007-06-29 12:38:26
Just finished cleaning mine out after the second season -- still clean as a whistle!

2007-01-08 21:26:26
Been running mine now for 3 months ... I recommend getting one!

2006-12-06 13:04:52
I got a Greenwood and I love it. At the rate of money that it's saving me, mine will be paid off in a 3 years. My wife is happy now that I don't have the wood inside my house.

2006-11-17 12:10:43
Too pricey for what you get

2006-09-28 23:31:10
Had a Classic, the thing wore out after only 3 years. Got a Greenwood now -- LOTS of firebrick. Works like a charm. Love it!!

2006-09-09 16:52:50
Need to go through to to get the real meat ...

2006-06-28 08:21:30
A friend has the greenwood stove and finds it to be very efficient, no complaints from him

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