You will need various Kitec compression fittings to connect everything together. Kitec fittings are distinct from iron pipe fittings in the following way; Kitec fittings attach to the Kitec or Dual PEX pipe or connect lines together. Iron fittings do not attach directly to pipe.
Kitec fittings are available in two versions - the K1 connector and the K2 crimp. Made from plumbing brass, the K1 and K2 versions incorporate a double o-ring system. The K1 standard fitting uses a locking nut and split ring. The K2 system uses a time-tested crimp ring joining method. Both fittings are proven and are third-party certified. In the selection of your fittings a knowledgeable plumbing store salesman can be a great help. If you map your pipelines lines for them (see Check List section) and explain what you want to do, they should be able to steer you right. Kitec fittings act as the intermediary step between the iron fittings on the back of your stove and your lines. Within the house/building they are used to make Kitec to Kitec connections and Kitec to copper connections. You will also need a Kitec connection on both sides of your pump, with an iron fitting between, connecting the flange to the line on each side.

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