2007-03-31 05:12:28
Good Furnace but overpriced, there are better options out there

2006-11-17 12:05:04
One of the better wood stoves out there at the present time.

2006-07-19 13:01:00
Way over priced for what you get. There are some great furnaces out there that will beless expensive and better quality. Way over priced.

2006-06-03 04:23:21
Hey 200-03 17 You dont know anything. Do you own alot of oil stock?

2006-04-08 10:28:15
We had a dealer near us but he went under. When I finally tried to buy one I couldnt find a dealer near me (British Columbia)

2006-03-17 17:09:47
I have no experience with this unit. I could not find a cross section diagram of the unit on the site, but the exterior looks like the typical smokey outdoor boiler design, so I'm ranking this as a "1".

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