The circulating pipe carries the hot water from the stove by way of a circulating pump to the heating loop or radiator and back to the stove

Kitec is the pipe of choice when dealing with radiant heat systems, the company sells many types of pipe for hot water heating,
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KITEK PIPE is a composite pipe made with an aluminum core bonded to interior and exterior layers of plastic. This engineered combination of materials provides the strength of metal with the longevity and durability of plastic - all in an easily handled and installed system.
Dual Pex Flex is also an option but the material is a bit harder to work with, click here to visit their website
Dual PEX-Flex is a pre-insulated flexible pipe
ideally suited for hydronic heating with outdoor
wood furnaces. Supplied in coils, this 2-in-1
(supply and return bundled together) pipe
system is economical, simple to install and
highly effective even in harsh soil conditions.

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