2007-12-08 10:55:57
My classic is working 24/7 from last 3 years.
The temperature computer had to be replace.(under warranty)
Lot of smoke. Bad efficiency, I burn around a cord a week in cold winter. Plan to switch to something more efficient unfortunately hard to find something over 500 KBtu at reasonable price with gas backup. Plan to try to put a draft fan (optional) to see if reduce smoke improving efficiency, but I'm worried about have problem with the firebox :-(

2007-11-15 00:42:37
Junk? You have to wonder who is writing some of these "anynymous" reviews. CB makes one of the best OWBs out there. I looked at most of them. We installed the smallest available CB Classic 2 years ago here and have been very happy with it. Dealer was great. Factory tech support was great. It works great. Controller konked out last year in the off season; they replaced it free. No cracks, no rust, no problems. Wood recommend one.

2007-08-29 12:30:57
where do I start? Overpriced junk. I owned a classic it rusted out like an old burn barrel. Yes they have nice color brochures . If you buy anything other than stainless you are throwing money away. And its square? Round is the time tested way to go. Less seems even temp etc. No power draft? I have seen the foam insulation catch fire and burn. (not mine) Don't fall for the hype.

2007-06-26 11:31:59
Great experience, great stove, cut my heating bill to almost nothing. I had good luck with my dealer.

2006-09-19 08:54:50
I installed a Central Boiler in 1994, it has always worked great and dealing with the company has always been very easy.

2006-07-19 12:53:40
To bad tought units to purchase. I know many people who have had some issues with these units and the people.

2006-04-07 06:34:13
Stove developed a crack and it took 6 months to get someone out to look at it, then they said I ran it out of water.

2006-03-17 20:00:49
Very un friendly people hard to talk to

2006-03-17 16:48:56
I've owned the Central Boiler "Classic" since 2000. As shipped, the unit is horrible. Only 22% net delivered efficiency and it smoked most of the time, even with dry wood. Like most outdoor boiler designs, the company was trying to maximize heat transfer, but gave no thought to the combustion process. After that first winter, I decided to void my warranty in the interest of science, and I modifed the boiler by adding firebrick and a secondary combustion chamber. The improvement was dramatic! The net efficiency is at least 48% and best of all no visible smoke once all the wood has caught, as long as it is well seasoned wood.

So I give this unit a 2 out of 5, since it can be made to work well, but one shouldn't have to rebuild a product to get satisfactory results.

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