Outdoor wood boilers are an economical way to heat almost anything and have been around since Roman times. Advances in technology mean that todayís stoves are environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive to operate, producing clean cheap heat from wood or coal.
When estimating the cost of your system, be sure to factor in all the elements involved. The boiler heats the water, but youíll also need the pipes that transport water to and from the boiler to each building - thatís a line each way. Fittings - metal to metal, metal to plastic, and plastic to plastic -are required throughout the system to connect different sections.
As well as the boiler, pipe and fittings you will also require one or more circulating pumps depending on the complexity of your system. Note: the water has to be pushed around the entire system in a continual loop to and from the boiler. In addition to this basic water heating and transportation system thereís also the cost of a radiator, hot water tank heat exchanger etc. to consider, depending on what you plan to do.
Areas where a novice handyman may need assistance include with soldering where copper to copper connections need to sealed, hooking up the electrical supply lines to the boiler (Note: your boiler needs a power supply for the blower and controls) and circulating pump, and remodeling of plenum or duct work.

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